Our tactics of messaging and asking for IM/phone number

After knowing how to send first message to a woman for an affair, you need also to learn tactics of sending the messages when requesting for her phone number. If you employ unique methods of doing it, the woman must open up a smile and eventually give you the contact details. Asking for IM/ phone number is the first thing that comes when dating someone. However, this can be quite intimidating and she can reject your request. Rejecting is one of the stinging things ever, though this should not scare you away from looking for an affair. By learning simple tricks, it becomes possible for you to get the phone number.

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Requesting her phone number

With the first emails, a woman may not be interesting with your approach. However, there are many women to experiment until you get a response you expect. This will help you to learn what emails should appear first, and which to follow soon. However, let us give you the tips on how to request phone number/IM of a woman who has already attracted you. First, asking for a woman’s number through affair dating site makes you discover her level of interest towards you. This doesn’t mean that you are trying to be pushy or aggressive, that is how it should be. It helps you ascertain how she considers you as a man looking for an affair. If it was your lucky day, the woman may declare herself all over you. If she is not interested, you will know because she will avoid replying your emails.Asking for a number might appear difficult since you don’t know the person.

Women online know the purpose of the meeting

Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for the number immediately without taking another thought. Don’t allow yourself to think about the issue, since you are only looking for an affair like her. However, take your time before rushing to the issue of getting her number. Use the best possible approach of requesting for her number.Another trick of getting her number is through giving genuine reasons why you need the number. Don’t beat about the bush because the reason is very clear. In the affair sites we need to have affairs with women. Therefore, get straight to the point and ask for the phone number. Tell her you want to hook up with her for casual sex.

Be responsive and stay casual at all times

Show her you are much interested, and you cannot go on without the phone number/IM. Don’t forget both of you are strangers, and you have a common agenda on the affair dating site. If she gets attracted, you will get her phone number/IM straight away. Lastly, try to keep things at low pressure when asking for a phone number/IM. Avoid unpleasant communication that may scare the woman away. However, make her know your intentions as early as possible. Ensure that you stay casual, and use basic conversation. Continue with your conversation naturally, making a friendly chat until she gets attracted.