How to invite her to an hotel room

Once you have known how to send flirty messages when requesting for IM/phone number, it is time to set up a meeting for drinks and how to extract to a hotel room. This is the most interesting part since you are sure of having sex that night. However, it is the final part of dating after sweating searching for a partner. Take it more special than anything else because you are sure to get sexual satisfaction. Let us discus how to meet your partner, and enjoy drinks before settling in a hotel room.

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As you may be aware, going for drinks must be a big commitment since you are meeting a woman for the first time. This means that you have to stay with your partner for more than an hour, before arranging for a hotel room. Since you have been communicating over phone, you might need more time to talk. Don’t forget that the reason for meeting is to have an affair. Therefore, take everything normal and make orders for classy drinks. You have to enjoy to the fullest, bearing in mind that there is more after the drinks.After enjoying your drinks, you can arrange for the hotel room. There is nothing to fear since it is a safe affair. You can arrange for food, since everything seems going straight. Ensure you sit next to her to feel what you have been imagining about her. This not only feels good, but also it helps diffuse awkwardness you might be feeling.

Show her how gentlemen you can be

Don’t start touching her while in the restaurant, just cool down until the right time comes. However, it is quite important to confirm if the woman you saw on the affair profile is still the same. It may happen the photos were of a different person. If she is still the one, go on and order for whatever she feels like drinking. When it comes to clearing the bills, remember to use your personal debit card. Don’t use that credit card you share with your wife. If the bills are so high, you might blow your trumpet for not getting embarrassed for the first time. Pay the bill and enjoy your safe affair. Remember, having an affair means using money! If your partner is willing to contribute some cash, let her do that. There is nothing wrong with that since you are both cheating on your marriages. Now you are done with your drinks, and it is getting late. You should have already booked for a hotel room to spend the night there. Ensure that you are safe before entering the hotel room, since one of your friends might have seen you. Arrange with the hotel attendants to take you there, before it gets late at night. If you smell a rat, move to another hotel.