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According to our tests for having an affair on IllicitEncounters. You should avoid this cheating dating site.

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Since relationships and marriages cannot be perfect, we decided to find a soul mate through The reason as to why we went to this site is because we have been getting so many stories about it. Even you might have heard people talk about this site, how it is good for dating. However, we are going to give you the exact truth about this site. It is important to experience something before talking about it. This is what we did in order to know the exact information about

why is vulgar

Website not recommended

After so much information concerning, the truth is already with us. We heard that this site is highly recognized even by some of the national media, but this is just naked truth. Okay, if it is recognized, it is only by the owners who want to benefit from doubts of people. After signing up for the site, we realized that hooking up with a woman is a nightmare. We stayed for weeks and months without getting any woman to hook up. What we know about reliable dating sites is that, people don’t stay waiting for long period of time. It is a matter of getting a partner within a week or less.

why it is not real

IllicitEncounters.comscreenshot img According to our tests on IllicitEncounters. You should not try it. If you do not want to waste your money then try one of these real dating site for having an affair.

This site,, is not realistic with its operations. Don’t forget that you pay for subscriptions whenever you sign up with it. Therefore, you expect to get what you want as soon as you need it. Avoid it; your money might go so quickly! In addition, the profile photos of women are good looking, but you will get surprised. We managed to get a woman who disappointed us quite much. We waited for months until we got a hook up, with an aim of getting to the roots of this site. Disgusting part of the story, the woman was not similar to her profile photos. Actually, she looked 20 years older than her photos.

our conclusion

This site is too expensive, but its reliability is quite low. It has an affectionate name simply to attract desperate guys. Don’t be desperate to wait for months till you get a woman to hook up. Look for a reliable site that gives you what you want within a week.

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