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On 1 April 2015
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According to our tests for having an affair on BeNaughty. You should avoid this cheating dating site.

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Getting naughty with women is one of our hobbies indeed. Therefore, we decided to find a viable place for this activity. The site we landed on was, but we never believed our experience. It was one of the worst dating sites ever, and we shall inform you why we say so. In this site, we found ugly and fat women who think they are hot. In addition to that, the site has unpleasant graphics, with everything looking bad and disgusting.

why is not real and legit

Website not recommended

We came to realize that this site is not real, after trying to communicate and hook up with women. We sent several emails, but 95% of them went unanswered. We tried to set up for meeting, but none of them happened. This was a clear indication that this site is not genuine, and if it is genuine, maybe for a specific group- we don’t know!

Since there are no cute women in this site, this doesn’t mean we go shallow. We focused on getting hot women, like any other guys out there. However, we were unable to get at least one beautiful woman. For real, everything in this site is disgusting. The women were confidently talking to us, claiming that many men have been all over them. We had no word, we simply laughed. To say the truth, even the desperate men cannot afford to get attracted to such women.

our conclusion

BeNaughty.comscreenshot img According to our tests on BeNaughty. You should not try it. If you do not want to waste your money then try one of these real dating site for having an affair.

Don’t waste your time in Nothing is good in this site, even the ugliest guys can get better women than them in other online dating sites. Again, avoid this site totally.

Is BeNaughty a Legit or Scam Site? Can You Have an Affair?

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