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On 1 April 2015
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According to our tests for having an affair on MarriedCafe. You should avoid this cheating dating site.

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We recommend people to use non-free membership dating sites. They are a bit safer and reliable compared to free sites. However, looking for an affair using is not very different from craigslist. The only difference is the monthly subscriptions for memberships. There are many attractive women in this site, and you can hook up with one whenever you want. However, there is nothing to smile about in this site. These hot women are just like escorts, posing like married women waiting for sex. Actually, it is quite expensive to hook up with these women because you have to pay extra $200 for casual sex. This is not different from finding an escort via craigslist.

why this site is not reliable

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To join is free, with free membership. When you are meeting with someone, it is when you pay for the service. This is not bad, because it can work for many of us. However, the boring thing is that these women are not for an affair. They are simply for escort purposes, and they demand for payment whenever you ask for sex. They make use of this site to trap clients and make money. Desperate men will just get into the trap, and spend a lot of cash just for an affair. Don’t be that ignorant; simply look for a reliable affair dating site. We are not after escorts; we want just an affair to satisfy our sexual desires.

our conclusion

MarriedCafe.comscreenshot img According to our tests on MarriedCafe. You should not try it. If you do not want to waste your money then try one of these real dating site for having an affair.

As we said earlier, paying for an affair is not worthy. Similarly, we discourage men not to pay for sex, though it is still illegal. When we say paying for sex doesn’t include buying drinks, food, or paying for a hotel room. It is hard to get a married woman ready to hook up for an affair in Therefore, avoid it and look for a reliable affair dating site.

Is MarriedCafe a Legit or Scam Site? Can You Have an Affair?

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